The Prettiest Little Town in Canada.

Rooted in the cobblestone core of “Canada’s Prettiest Little Town”, the Arlington Hotel is where a community gathers to celebrate, dine, and unwind. Since 1851, the iconic building has been a fixture in the town’s collective memory, serving as a backdrop to family celebrations, dinner with old friends, and new business connections.

If you're craving outdoor adventure, the area's golf courses, parks and trails provide the perfect escape. Transformed from former railway lines, the Grand River trails are perfect for hiking, jogging, biking and cross-country skiing. 

Paris's location at the forks of the Grand and Nith Rivers makes it a unique summer attraction in Southern Ontario. Whether you enjoy fishing, canoeing, kayaking or rafting, the Arlington Hotel puts the area's natural splendour in easy reach.


Located just 30 minutes from Hamilton, and easily accessible from Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Brantford, Paris is the perfect location for your next unforgettable getaway.